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Seven Hills Classical Academy provides students with a Classical Education in an academically rigorous environment designed to promote strong citizenship and life-long learning.

Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence

The Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence holds that a grade-by-grade core of common learning is necessary to ensure a sound and fair elementary education, by:

  • mapping out a complete program that provides each student with a broad-based education, free of significant gaps,
  • clearly defining the knowledge and skills that each student must master at each grade level to create high levels of academic expectations; and
  • eliminates many of the gaps and repetition characterized in standard curriculums.

Core Knowledge at Seven Hills is taught in Language Arts, Visual Arts, Music, Social Studies and Human Body Science. Core Knowledge Science Units of the Human Body for K-5 will be taught sequentially as it builds a solid foundation for Minnesota Science Standards and assessments in the upper grades.

National Geographic Science

National Geographic Science was adopted in 2012-13 as the Core Science curriculum for all students Kindergarten through 5th grade. Through hands-on inquiry based activities students explore Earth, Life and Physical Sciences. Technology integration includes Skype sessions with National Geographic Explorers in their field of study. Use of technology in the sciences, support making connections to real word science exploration and research that impacts the world in which we live.

Mathematics: Math in Focus - Singapore Math

Singapore Math is a unique approach to teaching math that focuses on building students’ problem-solving, mental math, and high-level thinking skills. By starting with the concrete then moving to the pictorial, and finishing with the abstract, Singapore Math adds greater depth to math instruction and improves students’ mastery of basic math concepts. As a result, children are able to learn at their own level and progress at their own pace. Flexible grouping according to student performance levels will enable teachers to work more closely with each individual student, and students will be accountable for their own success.  Singapore Math is taught in grades, K-5 at Seven Hills.

Balanced Literacy Program Using Guided Reading and Classical Literature

Seven Hills implements the Scholastic Guided Reading Program, whereby teachers support reader’s development of effective strategies for processing texts at increasingly challenging levels of difficulty. Additional reading curricula include: Phonics K-2, Grammar 1-5, Penmanship K-5, Spelling 1-5 and Writing integrated in all subject areas. Classical Literature selections are introduced through the Core Knowledge Sequence in grades K-5.

Latin Instruction

Core Knowledge holds that early elementary education is the best time to introduce the study of language structures. Language structures in turn serve as the foundation for understanding the complex vocabulary, concepts, and paradigms of more advanced studies. Latin instruction is taught Kindergarten through Fifth grade as part of their studies in Classical Education. Extensive research and our charter authorizer agreement with Friends of Education led Seven Hills’ decision to introduce Latin to students in Kindergarten. The school’s Latin program is content rich, drawing from the cultural influences, texts, and history which shaped the language.

"Knowledge Builds Upon Knowledge." – Dr. E.D. Hirsch

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